BIF Plc has been a dominant operator in the property market of the Hungarian capital city for 25 years. During this period Budapest underwent a spectacular development. Just like our Company. Our goal is to keep on breathing together with Budapest, to enrich our city by developing iconic, trendsetting properties.

BIF Plc. is a dynamic company, full of plans and ideas, at the same time it is a reliable and stabile public company, which is proud of its history.

All our customers, business partners and suppliers should feel safe with us, because our core values are predictability, flexibility and loyalty.

Satisfaction of our tenants is the most important goal for our Employees.

Our properties and developments have unique locations, because this is a thing on which we never compromise.

BIF Plc’s team is customer oriented, hard-working and happy, being pride of its work.


Dr. Anna Ungár
Chairperson of the Board of Directors